Biomedicine industry in Huangpu

Huangpu Disitrict’s Biomedicine Cluster consists of around 500 enterprises which generate an annual industrial output of more than USD 16 Billion. Located at the heart of Greater Bay Area, they have access to more than 2,000 hospitals (incl. 125 Level IIIA) and 40 clinical trial centres in a driving distance of maximum 3 hours.  


Facts & Figures

Billion US-Dollars is the industrial output of Huangpu District’s biomedicine cluster
enterprises from start-ups and SME to multinationals are forming Huangpu District’s biomedicine cluster
laboratories are only located on Guangzhou international Bio Island – Huangpu District’s biomedicine R&D hub
Hospitals and more than 100 Level III (A) hospitals are reachable in a 2-hours-drive-radius from Huangpu Dirstrict
of China’ clinical trials are conducted in Greater Bay Area and hence reachable in a 2 -hours-drive-radius from Huangpu Dirstrict
clinical trial centres are reachable in a 3-hours-drive-radius from Huangpu Dirstrict

Cluster Highlights

Huangpu Biomedicine Cluster

Biomedicine Cluster
Huangpu Distirct

Huangpu District’s Biomedicine Cluster has a mature industry, innovation, and regulatory affairs setup. A unique ecosystem has grown there with corporate and scientific R&D centres, biosafety laboratories, manufacturing bases of local and international SMEs as well as Multinationals, and a fully operational NMPA office as well as different clinical trial centres, which will enable and boost your buiness development in China and Asia.

More than 500 biomedicine related enterprises generate a total industrial output of more than USD 16 Billion. Huangpu District’s main important biomedicine hubs are Guangzhou International Bio-Island in the South of the District and Guangzhou Medical Valley in the North of the District, located in the so called China Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City. While Bio Island is dedicted to healthcare R&D and innovation, the Medical Valley is mainly dedicated to scaling-up and large scale manufacturing. Multinationals and SMEs therefore often follow a “two-pillar-strategy”: (1) R&D on Bio-Island and (2) “spinn-out” the innovation to Knowledge City for scaling and mass-manufacturing.

Guangzhou International

Guangzhou International Bio-Island is Greater Bay Area’s leading biomedicine, life science, bio tech and med tech R&D hub. On the only 1.83 km² large island situated near Guangzhou’s CBD more than 350 companies create next generation innovation in more than 80 laboratories. Multinationals like Astra Zeneca, cytiva, Thermo Fischer have established R&D centres and South China Headquarters here.

The island is also home to one of only three Biomaterial Rapid Customs Clearance Platforms in China. Thanks to a fast-track customs inspection platform, multi-temperature storage rooms as well as BSL 2 and BSL 3 laberatories which receive biomaterials directly from Baiyun Airport Guangzhou, companies in Huangpu can save about 2-3 working days processing time and 30-50% of customs clearance cost.

Guangzhou International Bio-Island furthermore is also the base of the Sino-Israel Incubator & Fund, BRTAG (joined NIBRT’s global partnership programme to deliver localized NIBRT training courses), Bio Land Lab Accelerator and Guangzhou Lab which is lead by the internationally renown academian Professor Zhong Nanshan.

Healthcare Research & Education at Huangpu District

At Huangpu District you have access to Guangzhou City’s outstanding education system which is the No.1 talent source in South China. Leading institutions in healthcare research and education are the South China University of Technology, The China Academy of Science Healthcare, and Sun Yat-Sen University.

Ranked in the TOP 100 by the Academic Ranking of World Universities, Sun Yat-Sen University is one of China’s most prestigious universities located just next to Guangzhou International Bio-Island. 80,000 students are enrolled at Sun Yat-Sen university alone and its College of Medical Science comprises 9 designated medical departments and runs as well as cooperates with 5 general hospitals, 3 specialised hospitals, and 13 community hospitals. In disciplines such as Microbiology or Pharmacology, the university ranks repeatedly among the top 1% in the world by ESI system.

Success Stories

„We are also working with partners in diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, investment, medical institutions and other fields to build a precision diagnosis and treatment industry ecosystem, make planning for the full life cycle including model innovation, industry investment, and achievement commercialization, and promote the innovative development of precision diagnosis to support the high-quality development of the biomedical industry in Guangdong and the Greater Bay Area.”

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