Talent Pool

In Huangpu District your company benefits from Guangzhou’s outstanding and sustainable talent pool and education system: 80 universities and 1 Million students.

Facts & Figures

universities with more than 2.5 million students are in a 3-hours-drive-radius from Huangpu Dirstrict
students alone are enrolled in the 80+ universities of Guangzhou City
of China’s top STEM universities are located in or in direct proximity to Huangpu District.

Education System Huangpu District

At Huangpu District you have access to Guangzhou City’s outstanding education system which is the No.1 talent source in South China. Guangzhou’s Top Universities excel in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Computer Sciences.
More than 80 universities offer over 1,300 study programs in which more than 400,000 bachelor as well as 150,000 master students are enrolled.
Additionally, there are more than 200 universities with over 2 Million students in Greater Bay Area – in a driving-distance of only three hours.  

40 000+ enrolled

80 000+ enrolled

100 000+ enrolled

Success Stories

Guangzhou’s biomedical industry is one of the strategic emerging industries in the development initiative for key projects launched by the municipal government while the industry is accelerating collaborative innovation. Thanks to the in-depth integration of the high-end value chain and innovation chain of the biomedical industry, Guangzhou is accelerating its efforts to transform itself into a Chinese hub for the R&D of first-in-class drugs, a global hub for the clinical trial of first-in-class drugs and a world-class biomedical industrial cluster.

“We will provide Huangpu District with a platform for talent convergence and a base for generating core technologies, pushing science and technology innovation into a new era and building Huangpu District into a new peak of science and technology innovation.”

“The services provided by the GDD have been invaluable help us establish our relations with the local universities as well as with the talent pool. Establish our infrastructure requirements.”

Your Huangpu
Touchpoint in Europe

Our team from Invest in Huangpu is located in Germany, but we are supporting companies and partners from all over Europe. We are looking forward to helping you with information, consultancy, local contacts, and execution services on your journey to the world’s largest IoT, Green Transition and Smart Urbanisation Mega-City-Cluster: GREATER BAY AREA. We are on your side, from the initial assessment to project closure and business development in Huangpu District (Guangzhou).

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Reach 90 Million consumers in 3 hours’ drive from the heart of the largest MEGA-CITY-CLUSTER in the world.

Industrial Backbone

Leverage Huangpu District’s seven mature industry pillars and various modern future tech clusters.

innovation hotspot

Contribute to 200,000 patents filed annually at the heart of the world’s biggest IoT, Green Transition and Smart Urbanisation hotspot.


Benefit from a state-of-the-art and fully digitalised IP ecosystem with IP services in more than 10 languages.


Offer your staff knowledge-economy-working-environment with 40 international schools and kindergardens in China’s greenest city.

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