ICT / Electronics / Semiconductor

As one of the first districts opened for foreign direct investments, HUANGPU (Guangzhou Development District) is one of China’s industrial powerhouses since the early 1980s.


Facts & Figures

Billion US-Dollar is the annual industrial output of Huangpu District’s ICT cluster
of the global drone production are reachable in a 2-hours-drive-radius from Huangpu Dirstrict
Billion US-Dollar has LG invested in Huangpu, which makes the company the district’s largest single investor

Success Stories

“Huangpu District spent more than a decade to create a flat panel display industry cluster chain with our LG as the leader, driving the upstream and downstream enterprises, forming a complete, with strong industrial radiation capacity.”

Your Huangpu
Touchpoint in Europe

Our team from Invest in Huangpu is located in Germany, but we are supporting companies and partners from all over Europe. We are looking forward to helping you with information, consultancy, local contacts, and execution services on your journey to the world’s largest IoT, Green Transition and Smart Urbanisation Mega-City-Cluster: GREATER BAY AREA. We are on your side, from the initial assessment to project closure and business development in Huangpu District (Guangzhou).

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Pharmaceutical industry, Life Science, BioTech, MedTech, Digital Health

New Mobility

Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Vehicles, Autonomous Driving, Smart Public Transportation, Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV)

New energy
Green Tech

Solar Power, Fuel Cells, Biomass, Hydrogen


AI, IOT, Smart Solutions

Smart Manufacturing, Industrial IoT, Robotics, Connected Devices, Smart Urbanisation

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Advanced Polymers, Nanomaterials, Carbon, Chemistry, Battery

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