Awarded with France’s Novum Design Award (NDA) and a three-star certificate for green and ecological urban area design, Huangpu District became a benchmark for new city construction and modern urban development.

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Facts & Figures

is the Green Ratio of Guangzhou City – also known as flower city of China
large international hospitals are operating in Guangzhou
international schools are established in Guangzhou
international kindergartens are established in Guangzhou
lower is the Cost of Living in Huangpu District compared to Shanghai
degrees Celsius is the yearly average temperature in Huangpu District

Green District HuangpU

Ecological Environment in Huangpu District

With 20 water reservoirs and 50 parks, Huangpu District has created more than 50 km of greenways in an ambitious effort to establish a “city park”.

Lake trails and hiking tracks are leading through the amazing landscapes of Maofeng Mountain Forest Park and Youma Mountain Ecological Park, providing ideal and extensive retreat options.

Top-notch hiking infrastructure and facilities, river resources and water activities as well as picturesque idyllic landscape have made the region a top-rated tourism destination for those who love outdoor activities and being in nature.   

Healthcare System in
Huangpu District

The District is home to nearly 10 quality 3A-grade hospitals, e.g., Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Lingnan Hospital of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the Affiliated Women and Children’s Hospital of Guangzhou Medical Universi- ty, the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital (Huangpu) and Knowl- edge City Southern Hospital. There are around seven hospital beds per 1,000 permanent residents, which is leading the entire country.  

Education System in
Huangpu District

The District has a high concentration of international schools, e.g., the American International School of Guangzhou, Japanese School of Guangzhou, Guangzhou SCA School, ISA International School of Guangzhou, and Huangpu Shrewsbury Experimental School, as well as locally renowned middle and high schools including the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Guangdong Experimental High School, and Guangzhou No.2 Middle School, etc. Besides, the District is also home to many research institutes, e.g., Guangzhou Institute of Technology of Xidian University, Huangpu Research Institute of Guangzhou University, Huangpu Research Institute of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Huangpu Institute for Advanced Study, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and China-Singapore International Joint Research Institute, with over 5,000 postgraduate students here.

Business Accomodation in
Huangpu District

Numerous five-star hotels can be found, e.g., the Knowledge City Mordin Hotel, Narada Hotel Huangpu. The District also provide diverse housing for talents. 

Sport and Entertainment in Huangpu District

The District houses commercial complexes, e.g., Greenland

Central Plaza, Wanda, Aoyuan, Minjie and Ruifeng Plaza; a complete range of cultural and sports facilities like Guangzhou Baoneng Qoros Arena, International Tennis Center, Badminton Center, and libraries.

Success Stories

“Moreover, commerce, investment promotion, foreign affairs and other departments of Guangzhou, Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development District visit enterprises on a regular basis to learn about their demands and helped foreign employees and their family members in their entry into China. While ensuring project construction, this practice removes hurdles facing foreign employees and their family members working and living in Guangzhou.”

“Now living here, Guangzhou is probably one of the most underrated Chinese cities, especially from foreigners’ perspective. Because Cantonese they work very hard, they enjoy their food. So you have a very pleasant work-life balance here.”

Your Huangpu
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Our team from Invest in Huangpu is located in Germany, but we are supporting companies and partners from all over Europe. We are looking forward to helping you with information, consultancy, local contacts, and execution services on your journey to the world’s largest IoT, Green Transition and Smart Urbanisation Mega-City-Cluster: GREATER BAY AREA. We are on your side, from the initial assessment to project closure and business development in Huangpu District (Guangzhou).

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Reach 90 Million consumers in 3 hours’ drive from the heart of the largest MEGA-CITY-CLUSTER in the world.

Talent Pool

Access Guangzhou’s outstanding and sustainable talent pool: 80 universities and 1 Million students.

Industrial Backbone

Leverage Huangpu District’s seven mature industry pillars and various modern future tech clusters.

innovation hotspot

Contribute to 200,000 patents filed annually at the heart of the world’s biggest IoT, Green Transition and Smart Urbanisation hotspot.


Benefit from a state-of-the-art and fully digitalised IP ecosystem with IP services in more than 10 languages.

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